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Cover - maybe a bit too good?
« am: 05. Juli 2018, 10:43:53 »
Hi guys

After having played with the cover rules a bit last night when I did a mission for two players, I think they seemed a bit too good. A lot of the time our firefights were situated in hallways with combatants having half the body in cover. That equals a -100% modifier. It meant that nobody could hit anything if they did not aim at exposed body parts.

 So cover effectively did that combat actions cost more AP as everybody had to aim.

 You can not aim if you fire full auto weapons however, so the heavy weapons guy could not really do anything, except Spray and Pray for a 2% hit chance. However you have a 5% of critical failure so it did not seem worth it. Only if you fired at Cannon Fodder for the psychological effect and so losing APs.

How do you guys play cover?


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Re: Cover - maybe a bit too good?
« Antwort #1 am: 05. Juli 2018, 11:33:49 »
You could throw grenades to deal damage behind cover :)
Also, aiming and salvo fire are not totally exclusive:
- Only the first shot lands where aimed at, the others hitzones are determined by dice.
- You have the malus for aiming at a specific body part for all shots (+recoil) but circumvent the cover malus for all shots.
- Cover as a bullet blocking barrier is still in effect (see Opus Armatum for more barrier (and shooting through barrier) rules).

Your heavy could do suppressive fire to make the opposition panic to move or loose sequence. Hitting the target is then just a bonus.


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Re: Cover - maybe a bit too good?
« Antwort #2 am: 05. Juli 2018, 13:54:19 »
we are using some houserule:
aiming affects all shots and cover does not modify the hit chance.