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Ich habe kaum Hoffnung, dass jemanden hier sich meldet, aber wie Leia einmal sagte, "helft mir, ihr seid meine letzte Hoffnung". Ich werde auf Englisch switchen, weil so bin ich schneller und mein Grammar ist etwas richtiger  ::) Ihr könntet auf Deutsch antworten, kein Problem :)

Currently I am runnint our first adventure, the Time Machine. Great introduction to the Ubiquity system and the Space: 1889 ambience, I find however it lacks one or two adjustments. To start with, it would be possible to run the whole adventure without any fight. Nothing against for such an adventure, but being the introductory one, I wanted to be sure there is some action. To that end I added an encounter with an evolved crocodile (in fact with the same statistics as the normal one). It worked fine though it was harder than I thought as I still cannot measure the level of danger of the different creatures in the Ubiquity system. Now the adventurers are heading to the wood, and next will meet the machines...

That is my current problem: neither in the Uhrwerk version nor in the original one published in Challenge Magazine there are statistics for the machines, the final bosses. In the adventure they have to capture the players and it is made clear that they are unbeatable. Ok, no problem, but I would like to have some numbers and not only throwing the dices and lying the characters "you failed". They have to resist any attack, and they have to be able to capture them by "touch attack".

Does any of you have a prepared sheet for such a foe? I will create my own, but I would like not to be too over the top.
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Re: Abenteuer Zeitmaschine: Welche Statistik für die Roboter
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I did create stats when I ran the adventure, but don't have them anymore :(

Over the top should be okay, as the plot assumes PCs to be captured.

I played the adventure with two players. One characters was captured, the other one went to rescue him - perfect!
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