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Contact / Cover - maybe a bit too good?
« am: 05. Juli 2018, 10:43:53 »
Hi guys

After having played with the cover rules a bit last night when I did a mission for two players, I think they seemed a bit too good. A lot of the time our firefights were situated in hallways with combatants having half the body in cover. That equals a -100% modifier. It meant that nobody could hit anything if they did not aim at exposed body parts.

 So cover effectively did that combat actions cost more AP as everybody had to aim.

 You can not aim if you fire full auto weapons however, so the heavy weapons guy could not really do anything, except Spray and Pray for a 2% hit chance. However you have a 5% of critical failure so it did not seem worth it. Only if you fired at Cannon Fodder for the psychological effect and so losing APs.

How do you guys play cover?

Contact / Sequential Score, party participation and XP
« am: 05. Juli 2018, 10:35:37 »
Hi guys

Just ran a mini mission last night for two of my players in order to get a feel for the rules. They used two of the pregenerated characters Ronin (Ex Corp Samurai) and Briggs (Heavy weapons dude). They had to storm a terrorist safe house with many combatants so it was mostly combat.

Briggs has 21+1d10 and Ronin has 48+2d10 in sequential score. This led to Ronin dominating combat because he had so many turns. For example Ronin managed to deliver six hits and kill 3 surprised enemies while Briggs managed to fire at one enemy. The Briggs player felt that was really unsatisfactory. It seems like you can do a lot in CONTACT to get a high Sequential Score, and I do not know what is better in a turnbased RPG than getting more turns. Ronin also has the C.R.E. biomod which gives like 5 Re,1 Pe and +1d10 Seq Score. I think that is maybe a little too good?

My question is: Is this the way it is supposed to be? And have you guys had fun with playing it like that?

Also XP becomes an issue. When you test your skils more during a combat, you level them up faster. After our game night Ronin had leveled his armed melee up (and then some) and Brigs had used Heavy weapons three times. So there is also an inequality in experience gain which I think is dangerous.

Has any of you guys said that Seq Score can not be higher than X in character generation? I think maybe 30+1d10 could be a good maximum starting Seq Score.

I would love to hear your experiences with Seq Score, if you have any.

Contact / Re: Building AI and Robots in Contact
« am: 04. Juli 2018, 16:09:34 »
Thanks for clearing that up Docmorbid!

I used the Excel sheet for generating character and I can see now that the cost for having all stats at 4 is already deducted from 240 BPs.

We are doing a test run tonight with 2 of my players doing a few combats etc. so it is good to have these mistakes cleared up.

Contact / Re: Building AI and Robots in Contact
« am: 04. Juli 2018, 12:30:27 »
Here is the build, and that is at 140 points.

Component       BP Cost
chassis      16   
arm R S2      22   
Arm L S2      22   
Heavy Walker Leg R      8   
HWL L      8   
Mecha Head      4   
Fuell Cell      12   
High performance Wiring      12   
High End CPU w/UCIP      36   

But I think I found my error. Is it only human characters that start with all stats at 4? I assumed so with my AI driven robot also, but that might be wrong?

Then it is more like 10 int, 14 dex and 14 str.

Contact / Re: Building AI and Robots in Contact
« am: 03. Juli 2018, 17:54:56 »
Thanks for the quick answers guys :)

I have tried to create a Mill Spec AI driven robot and ended with 14 intelligence, 18 Dexterity and 17 strength. I have not played the game with my friends yet but that seemed really really good and I only build with 240 points as normal start characters get.

Is AIs supposed to be better at warfare than humans in CONTACT?

Contact / Building AI and Robots in Contact
« am: 02. Juli 2018, 21:42:02 »
Hi guys

I am reading the rules trying to understand how to build AI driven robots.

When you are buying components and a leg gives X to agility, do you get X agility for each leg or for a pair? Same questions for arms.

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