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Sonstige Spiele / Neue Publikationen
« am: 27. Februar 2014, 23:29:51 »
Hier der neuste Update zu Publikationen dieses Jahr. I'm over the moon:

Blown away by the excitement and positive comments we’ve received about The Darkening of Mirkwood, we thought we’d share with you our plans for The One Ring.

From the hidden valley of Rivendell to the grasslands of the Horse-lords, major setting supplements take your adventures beyond the borders of Wilderland. New Heroic Cultures and character options expand on the choices available to players. An incredible new series of adventure scenarios takes you beyond the Misty Mountains to the ruined kingdoms of the north. All this is topped off by a newly revised one-volume hardcover ruleset.

One of our goals is to increase the pace of releases for The One Ring. To help us do this, we’ve updated our processes and expanded the team considerably throughout 2013. I’m delighted by the progress we’ve made in the last few months, and it’s great to be able to announce the following five products.


The One Ring Revised Core Manual – As stocks of the current box set are running low, we’re taking the opportunity to revise and reprint The One Ring Roleplaying Game in a single volume, clarifying some rules and adding in some new art by John Howe. For those of you who own the existing set, don’t worry, we’ll make any revisions and clarifications available as a separate PDF, but we’re confident that you’ll want to add this volume to your collection all the same.

Rivendell – Our next major setting supplement will take your adventures west across the Misty Mountains to the Last Homely House. This supplement expands play into eastern Eriador, covering not only Rivendell itself, but Angmar, Fornost, Mount Gram, Tharbad and everywhere in between. There are also rules for Magical Treasure, Rangers of the North, Elves of Rivendell, the Eye of Sauron and loads more besides.


Ruins of the North – To accompany Rivendell, Ruins of the North is an adventure anthology that takes your company from Wilderland and into Eriador, hunting Trolls, Barrow-wights and malignant spirits, and exploring the ruins of Fornost, Angmar and into the Barrow-downs. There’s some great stuff in here, including some well-loved characters from Bilbo Baggins and Glorfindel to Tom Bombadil himself…

The Adventurer’s Companion – Not long after the release of the new core manual comes the first supplement aimed squarely at players. Including a whole wealth of advice, ideas and background for making your own hero and company, as well as new Heroic Cultures including Bree-folk, Riders of Rohan, Dwarves of the Blue Mountain, the Elves of Lorien and Men of Gondor, a new Calling in the form of the Captain, and expanded rules for generational play.


Horse-lords of Rohan – our second setting supplement takes us south along the Anduin and into the land of the Rohirrim, where we explore not only the culture and lands of the Riders of Rohan, but also their rivals the Dunlendings. We’ll also venture into the depths of Fangorn Forest and into Isengard itself.

Sonstige Spiele / DER in Karlsruhe
« am: 08. Februar 2014, 12:01:44 »
Jetzt hatte ich gerade eine tolle Runde in Berlin gefunden, und muss schon wieder nach Karlsruhe umziehen  >:(
Aber vielleicht gibts da ja auch Mittelerde-Interessierte! Meldet euch doch mal, wenn ihr aus Karlsruhe kommt, und Lust habt, DER zu spielen. Ich meistere gerne, und verfüge über das gesamte Regelwerk plus Abenteuer - also mehr als genug Material zum spielen! Wir könnten erst einmal einen One-off als Testspiel organisieren, und dann schauen, ob daraus was Längeres wird. Ich bin ab März in Karlsruhe!



Sonstige Spiele / Suche DER-Runde Berlin
« am: 14. September 2013, 18:23:39 »

Bin vor kurzem nach Berlin gezogen, und schaue mich jetzt nach einer Runde um, die Lust an DER hätte. Ich bin voll ausgerüstet, was die Regelwerke angeht, habe auch schon einige Runden mit Freunden gespielt, und hätte auch kein Problem damit, zu meistern. Einen Mitspieler hätte ich auch schon! Bin großer HdR-Fan, und habe früher schon jahrelang MERS und danach das Deciper LOTR RPG gespielt.
Wenn ihr also Lust habt, meldet euch. Erfahrung ist nicht unbedingt nötigt. Wir sind beide 31 Jahre alt, falls euch das interessiert.



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